Cheap goods

Manufacturing in China leaves a lot to be desired. I could show you with statistics and charts why this is so, and how the Chinese government figures are full of lies (as are all government’s figures). However, that’s tedious – the precis is this: it’s a fucking disaster, costs are way understated, unrealistic downstream cost (ie zero). Here’s what you can do.

For every $10 you spend on a Chinese made piece of goods, donate $7 to an environmental organization doing active things in the world, not just a think tank. A group with boots on the ground. Do this for 1 year, and watch how your spending tapers down. The real costs will cause you to have a change in your spending habits.

Environmentalism is a new word for an old thing – being thoughtful and thrifty. There is a myth that New Englanders are thrifty, or perhaps its a relic, a remnant from some distant past, some mythic collective idea that is no more, like the village green, itself a remnant from another culture past.

Cognitive dissonance re buying things from China and environmental issues. What’s a potential workaround – if a China made item costs $10, donate another $7 to an environmental organization, even one that works in China, the Paterson NJ of the entire world now.

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