Starting new

I did just put up a new blog “Radical Home Economics”.

I’ve been thinking that perhaps along with fiction I should write about what it’s like to live this very far from mainstream life, though I’ve found increasingly, ‘out of the norm’ is the new mainstream.  

That just as with most people being far more crazy than they appear on the surface, most people live a far more variable life than we imagine.

And in just writing this placeholder for myself, I see once again, that the switch from a personal journal to a public one, even unseen as this one is, is like the switch from writing for myself to writing fiction, that there is a separate pane from which everything comes.  Right now, somewhat stilted.  We’ll see how it develops.  We’ll see if it gets figured out. These things have a way of ending badly, no? Certainly I’ve had my share of disaster far beyond the tiny internet. And we’re off.

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