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My Life With Henry Kissinger, Susan Sontag, Walt Frazier, Philip Roth and others

  First Susan Sontag: way back 30 years ago, a few seconds ago, my girlfriend was a…do I say? am I breaching thin confidentiality? or like everything else, are enough people dead, that it doesn’t matter? It won’t for this, but will for other parts. As my young son says when I tell him a story, though none yet like… Read more →

My reply to this story re Vegan future / tech / food in labs / GMO – on Medium:

‘The Future of Food’   Nope. The future was already here 60 years ago; the current technology focus is a solution in search of a problem. We f*cked it up 60 years by permitting our economy to reward farming using factory made fertilizers and pesticides; by shutting down local farms and outsourcing 95% of our farm needs to Florida, California,… Read more →