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My Life With Henry Kissinger, Susan Sontag, Walt Frazier, Philip Roth and others

  First Susan Sontag: way back 30 years ago, a few seconds ago, my girlfriend was a…do I say? am I breaching thin confidentiality? or like everything else, are enough people dead, that it doesn’t matter? It won’t for this, but will for other parts. As my young son says when I tell him a story, though none yet like… Read more →

Homeschooling / not for the faint of heart

A Slightly Radical Experiment A few things we learned about homeschooling this last year: homeschooling our willful, impetuous, determined boy, widely read, fierce 12 year old fox of a boy. He’s got good manners, a strong handshake, and intense curiosity about science, about literature and history, about construction and design, but him, this shining boy was being extinguished by his… Read more →

New lever

Replacing the sagging lever on the entry door. The first thing one comes to, feels, engages with, when coming to this house. Not a great piece of design, but good enough. Once I cared about this passionately; in recent years, I’m indifferent to purported excellence. If it functions, it’s excellent. But it was warped and not working well, so lost it’s functionality,… Read more →

Starting new

I did just put up a new blog “Radical Home Economics”. I’ve been thinking that perhaps along with fiction I should write about what it’s like to live this very far from mainstream life, though I’ve found increasingly, ‘out of the norm’ is the new mainstream.   That just as with most people being far more crazy than they appear on… Read more →